Losito International Films

We are specialized in High Speed Frames, Special Effects, Macro shots and Stop Motion effect especially with references to Table Top (food and beverages, beauty, jewels, technologies).

We have been working on the international market for more than 15 years with reference to TV Commercials most of all operating with numerous production companies and agencies all over the world.

Our strengths are flexibility and creativity, liveliness and modern communication always longing for advanced and most complex challenges.

Among our clients: NESTLÈ, LINDT, FERRERO, Kellogg’s, Algida/Walls, STORCK (WERTHER 'S ORIGINAL & TOFFIFEE), NESPRESSO, CORONA, COCA COLA, DOVE, FINDUS, MILKA, MARINELA, RITTER SPORT, EMMI, EHRMANN, etc… and international advertising agencies such as J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, Lowe Worldwide, BBDO, Grey Group, Publicis, McCann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, etc...

Main part of our equipment, as part of our 450mq studio, are:

- PHANTOM GOLD High Definition Digital Cameras
- PHOTO-SONICS High Speed 35mm Cameras
- MICRO HIGH SPEED CAMERA High Definition Camera
- BOLT HIGH SPEED MOTION CONTROL from "Mark Roberts Motion Control"
- Special lenses, such as Revolution, Borescopic and Stache lens
- Special Effects department
- Automations and rigs department
- Special Materials department to guarantee an optimal creation of maximum appetizing appeal materials such as chocolate, yoghurt, cream, milk, beer and many other kinds of mock-ups
- HD Post-production Online Department

Bolt High Speed Motion Control

Speed: the robot can move from stationary to motion in high speed and vice versa in fractions of a second by following the falling objects and capturing images that would otherwise can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Accuracy: movement, speed, focusing are carefully planned during programming in order to get fluid and precise movements to the thousandth.

Repeatability: each camera moves under complete control of the robot and every movement is precisely repeatable indefinitely.

Versatility: the arm and the motion control tracks make the robot suitable for capturing and making any high-speed scene terrific.

Transportability: the motion control is able to operate in any internal and external location, since skilled operators carry out disassembly and transport of the machine as practical and fast operations.

Safety: the motion control structure allows you to operate without risk thanks to the counterweights that ensure stability even at the maximum travel speed (4.5 meters per second).

  WATCH Bolt High Speed Motion Control Reel
  WATCH Bolt High Speed Motion Control in Action